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Champange glassesWhen describing a Scott House wedding, one word comes to mind: custom. The choices are all yours. There is no need to fit your situation into a package or pre-specified group of services. Every couple is unique, as should be their wedding! From the suprise proposal to kissing the bride and the final "I dos," planning a wedding can be a complex and sometimes overwhelming task. At the Historic Scott House, we embrace the opportunity to help you plan and arrange the wedding of your dreams.

No two couples are exactly alike, and we believe the same should be said of wedding celebrations. Because each of our weddings is uniquely planned based on the unique tastes and desires of the bride and groom, your day will be tailored to fit your wishes. Bring us your wedding vision and we'll help you make it a reality – whether you prefer an elegant affair in one of our indoor spaces surrounded by well-appointed vintage period decor, or opt for a more casual approach highlighted by a lovely ceremony next to the water by our serene, yet stunning lakeshore.

We provide not only the perfect location, but knowledge, service and ingenuity to make your wedding a one-of-a-kind day of wonder.

Some couples like to be involved in each aspect of their wedding. Others look to the Historic Scott House to take care of the specifics. The choice is yours when deciding how much of a role the Historic Scott House will play in carrying out your perfect day

Bride OutsideThe choice is yours!
We provide a virtually limitless array of options from which to choose. You may only desire to rent our beautiful house and grounds, or you may want our assistance with each aspect of your day - including coordination of services from a caterer, florist, bakery, musicians and more. Perhaps you are somewhere inbetween. We are here to provide exactly the services you want and need and will create a custom package just for you.

CakeKeeping cost in mind
At the Historic Scott House, we strive to make beautiful memories, but we know that cost is a real-life factor for most couples. Each of our weddings is custom planned to meet not only your desires for a truly memorable day, but your budget as well. We work to ensure that your wedding unfolds like a harmonious melody, with monetary concerns meeting wedding expectations so that the end result is a magnificent crescendo, otherwise known as your wedding day!

Winter Entrance Evening Wedding
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If you would like to tour our lovely house and grounds, or obtain more information on Historic Scott House weddings, please contact us at info@historicscotthouse.com. We look forward to helping you make wonderful memories that last a lifetime.

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